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Holistic Cures team is consists of team leader vaidya dr. Adwait Tripathi, work coordinator Conny Peto Denes, and Vedic Cure team.

All our activities and services are interconnected and integrated into one single unit. The main goal of all our activities is to improve the quality of life of our customers and clients. Our programs are designed with the intention of teaching individuals about raising and spreading awareness, about conscious and active creation of their health, happiness and quality of life in its entirety, and in awaring people for taking responsibility for their own lives.

We are committed to the spiritual freedom of the individual. Our work is not based on religious or philosophical beliefs, but on the principle of equality (regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, etc.), non-violence, socially responsible behavior, tolerance and acceptance of differences among people.

While many of our services have spiritual character, we must note the difference between spirituality and religiosity. When we talk about spiritual freedom of the individual, we mean the freedom to choose our thoughts, words and actions.

Spirituality refers to spiritual practices, aimed at researching and spreading awareness, creating a state of love and bliss, and acknowledgment of God in ourselves and outside ourselves, regardless of any religious affiliation.

Religiosity refers to the worship of God through following the set of rules within a particular religion.

Regardless of what some of our programs – such as Yagyas – are based on Hindu principles, we do not promote a specific belief, but we use that knowledge for spiritual growth, health and life improvement of individuals. People of all religions and beliefs are welcome. Our work does not impose certain beliefs, but helps in the process of growth, development and healing.

Thus, our work here is based on the free spirituality, not religiosity of any kind, while at the same time does not create an obstacle to religious practices. We do not follow, nor encouraged any religious belief, we do not belong to any spiritual organization or sect, regardless of our respect to certain religious practices. Our work is holistic, authentic and very unique because it combines a variety of skills and approaches…


Vaidya dr. Adwait Tripathi is head of Holistic Cures team and of Vedic Cure team, Ayurvedic doctor who provides consultations, treatments of Ayurveda, and maintain educational workshops in Ayurveda.

More about Adwait and his work you can read here:



Conny Peto Denes is the coordinator of Holistic Cures team, the head of the Health Center Harmony, transpersonal psychologist, sexologist, therapist, modern healer, astrologer and dance artist, who provides consultations, treatments and healing, and maintain educational and therapeutic workshops.

More about Conny and her work you can read here:


slika vediccure

Vedic Cure is a team of professionals – doctors, ayurvedic technicians, jyotishis (medical vedic astrologers), pundits, vastu experts, yoga and TM teachers.

Vedic Vibration Technology has brought relief to thousands suffering from chronic disorders, including people with arthritis, asthma, anxiety, back pain, depression, digestive problems, headache, and insomnia all by means of a gentle, non-invasive technology with no toxic side effects.

Vedic Vibration Technology utilizes a refined impulse of Vedic sound, or Vedic vibration, to enliven the inner intelligence of the body and restore proper functioning.

Vedic Cure approach to health contains: vedic astrology (Jyotish), vastu shastra, Ayurveda, Alternative Healing, Transcandental Meditation technique and all those traditional therapy that make life long and better.

Our aim is to restore balance in the physiology, eliminate toxins and impurities, and awaken the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Slika yagya anusthan 1

Yagya-ansuthan is name of our group of pundits for serious and professional performances of Yagya. They introduced professional, and transparent Yagyas. Their work is not only to perform yagya but also to aware their clients what is procedure of yagya, they let them know which mantra work for what purpose of life and give them special mantra to chant during the time of yagya so that there transformation level goes very high and they found very powerful effect. Yagyas are done individually, and clients are participate yagya in skype, or sometimes alive.

Vedic Cure Pundits are educated and they belong to traditional Brahmin families and had studied veda since the age 14 and maximum of our pundits of team were former vedic pandits from world great organization Maharishi ved vigyan vidya Peth, and they had experience about more than 15years about Maharishi vedic Yagya.

Vedic Cure team is group organized to provide complete information how to become healthy and happy, to create world peace, to aware people about the natural life style.

Head of this team is vaidya dr. Adwait Tripathi. 

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